Disinfecting Fogging Services

We at VIP Janitorial Service are doing everything we can to provide you, your employees and customers with a clean, safe and healthy environment in which to do business. We are implementing best practices using cleaning methods recommended by the CDC and OSHA. We offer No-Touch Cleaning systems for your restroom and break rooms. We are constantly looking for ways to provide our customers with cutting edge technology that will aid in disinfecting your workplace.

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Portable & Cavitation Fogging

Portable fogging services are available for nightly enhanced disinfecting programs. This service can be added on at a reasonable cost to your current janitorial program. We use CDC approved disinfectant and with the portable fogger our cleaning staff can disinfect surface areas and hard to clean areas such as doorknobs, keypads, light switches, keyboards, phones and chairs throughout your business.

For deeper disinfecting we offer our truck mount Cavitation Fogging Service. Using the ultra-compact Hydro Cavitator wand gets not only the surface areas and hard to clean areas listed above but can also target confined  and hard to reach areas in corners, underneath surface areas and high areas such as ducts and vents. 

To increase the effectiveness of our Disinfecting Fogging Service we use a combination of a CDC approved disinfectant along with Deionized (DI) water. DI water is wetter water, it contains no magnesium or calcium which greatly improves the fogging quality. This is an environmentally friendly disinfecting process which leaves no harmful residue or odor.

Adding either Backpack & Portable or Cavitation Disinfecting Fogging Services or a combination of both to your cleaning program will enable you to assure your employees that every step is being taken to ensure their health and well being against Covid-19 and other viruses.

Protecting you and your employees should not be cost prohibitive. We at VIP Janitorial Service look at DFS as a necessary component of your janitorial cleaning. Both DFS programs are competitively priced. Pricing is based on time plus materials, nothing else.

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